No.1, 30% Light Roast Coffee, 24Ct


Bergamot aroma and dried fruit flavor.

Smooth taste / active tartaric acid.


1 Box ( 24 Cups)2 Boxes ( 48 Cups)3 Boxes ( 72 Cups)
Premium Quality
Coffee beans are the only ingredient, without adding any additives. So we source the 100% Arabica bean, estate grown in high elevation specialty coffee grade. As a quality caffeinated coffee, Saturnbird coffee will wake you and keeps you alert all day. You can easily take it as a daily companion while studying or working.
Extraction Process 
The extraction process is crucial because it will be the basis for retaining the flavor of the coffee. In order to differentiate it from traditional instant coffee on the market, We used the cold brew method for a long time at low temperatures to retain the flavor of the coffee better.
Unlike traditional instant coffee grounds, our freeze-dried coffee process goes through rigorous QA to ensure it's above standard health and safety regulations.
Science In Flavor
Saturnbird super instant coffee adopts the freeze-drying method. In a vacuum environment, the moisture of the frozen roasted coffee bean is directly sublimated from the ice solid to the steam without melting the ice, which can minimize the loss of various aromatic substances. Through technical means, the flavor of coffee beans can be retained to the maximum extent, which is why our coffee tastes better than ordinary instant coffee.

Multiple flavors

From light to dark roast

Delicious coffee

at your fingertips

Quicker and more convenient than traditional instant coffee, with a silkier and more mellow taste

1.Tear off the

sealing paster

2.Pour the 

coffee power

3.Stir and enjoy

Dedicated to the research of

convenient, delicious coffee

Goodbye hard-to-dissolve, goodbye coffee grounds

  • Spray drying processuses high heat for quick dryingit 
    ruins the natural taste and aroma of the coffee and 
    caneven create a kind of burnt taste.
  • Leave residue after dissolving.
  • Contains additives more calories.


  • Freeze drying process,preserves coffee's natural flavors 
    and aroma, which results in a better tasting coffee.
  • Dissolve instantly with no grittastes better with iced water.
  • No additives,healthy and natural.

One cup, 

Endless possibilities

Saturnbird coffee is packaged in mini cups and sealed with aluminum film, which can better achieve moisture-proof effect, retain the freshness of freeze-dried coffee crystals, and ensure that every cup of coffee you get is the freshest state. The single package also makes it very portable, suitable for outdoor activities such as camping, climbing, etc.

Super Versatile, 

Anytime Anywhere.

Under the careful selection of ingredients and special production processes, Saturnbird instant coffee makes it possible to tastes like freshly ground coffee. Whether you're in a hurry to get to work or going outdoors, Saturnbird will always set aside time for you to enjoy a cup of coffee.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Delivery-Could have been better. Still a good company.

The coffee is good, but poorly packaged in a padded envelope. One of the coffee cups broke open and littered the entire package with coffee powder.

SaturnBird’s customer support is outstanding. The coffee that was damaged was promptly replaced. The coffee is a good product-I’ll reorder with Amazon’s packaging methods in mind.

Kasia S.
Easy to make any coffee flavors

I love SATURNBIRD Coffee. This coffee has that cold brew background, there's sunshine captured in these somehow.. complexity of flavor is really noticeable. I love it mixed with cold water, some ice and plant milk, little raw sugar. You can use any milk you want or none, cow milk or anything. I'm really into pistachio and almond milk mixed together now, or macadamia.

Kirishiro Yamazaki-Triendl
Good bang for the bucks, but just not sure if you can keep drinking this for long.

Have to admit that during winter seasons, I become a slacker and doesn’t want to move out of my house. Therefore, I bought this.

While it is really good for the value, the flavors aren’t really that attractive since it has a chemical note after you drinking them. It could be a deal breaker for many coffee drinkers who does not want synthetic experience.

Tracy L.
Easy to take out

It’s very convenient, and good taste with number 1&2,I am an extreme lover of Americano, 1&2 is perfect for Americano.


The smell and taste are incredible but just little overpriced for me. Will purchase again