Affiliate Marketing Program

Do you have a certain level of influence? Do you want to achieve a win-win situation with your customers?

Then use your influence to refer your customer to,You can take a commission on every order you refer for sale.

SATURNBIRD Coffee strictly selects high-quality Arabica coffee beans. After different levels of roasting, the coffee flavor has six levels. Different from traditional instant coffee production process, it adopts freeze-drying technology to freeze-dry. An instant coffee that can truly restore the original flavor of coffee.

Why are you join SATURNBIRD Coffee Affiliate Program? 

Your Benefit 

● 5%β€”10% commission for every sale you refer

● If you refer more orders you will earn more commission %

● Newsletters when new arrivals and promotions update

● Loyal customer base

● 30 day cookie

Your Customer Benefit

● Boutique freeze dried coffee

● High quality after-sales service

● Affordable prices

● Festival promotions and sales

● Free shipping on website