Saturnbird uses the 100% Arabica specialty coffee beans (SCAA 80+), which are grown at high altitudes and low in caffeine, and the defective beans are less than 1%. 

Saturnbird ZEROLOSS super extraction technology allows freeze-dried coffee to retain the original flavor and aroma of the coffee. This technology also allows our coffee to dissolve quickly in water at any temperature between 0-100℃. Freeze-dried coffee helps preserve the coffee taste better, making it nearly identical to freshly ground coffee.

After brewing at low temperature and for a period of time, the revolutionary "cold extract" coffee liquid is collected. This high concentration extract equals to a double shot espresso. With small batch production and intelligent drying technology at -40 degrees Celsius, Saturnbird Coffee instant cold brew powder can dissolve instantly at any temperature comes out.

Saturnbird freeze-dried powder coffee adopts the freeze-drying method, which uses the principle of ice sublimation. 

In a vacuum environment, the moisture of the frozen roasted coffee bean is directly sublimated from the ice solid to the steam without melting the ice, which can minimize the loss of various aromatic substances. The drying process under vacuum conditions can well retain the activity of proteins and microorganisms. 

Through technical means, the flavor of coffee beans can be retained to the maximum extent, which is why freeze-dried powder coffee tastes better than ordinary instant coffee.

The earliest and easiest coffee processing method is to evaporate the water by distillation. It is processed into very fine particles, which are often referred to as "steam-dried" instant coffee powder. However, it was later found that the aroma of the instant coffee processed in this way disappears with the evaporation of water. 

So Saturnbird tried to use freeze-drying to remove the moisture in the coffee liquid.

The difference between freeze-dried and ordinary instant coffee:

1. Different production methods:

Freeze-dried coffee is instant coffee made by freezing the liquid product and removing the ice by sublimation; while instant coffee is a dry coffee extract obtained by evaporating the water.

2. Different quality:

Freeze-dried coffee is better than instant coffee and retains more of the original flavor.

3.More convenience

Different from traditional instant coffee, freeze-dried coffee preserves the quality of the flavor and aroma of the beans delivering you both convenience and quality.