What is Ice Drip Coffee?

In hot summer, ice coffee is definitely the best choice to cool off. When you walk into a coffee shop, have you ever wondered why the price of ice drip coffee is half as much as regular iced coffee? Of course, ice drip coffee is not just a coffee with a good name. It takes a lot of time to extract the coffee liquid. Its sweet and mellow taste is the reason for its extraordinary value. What is the difference between ice brew coffee and ice drip coffee? Can I make ice drip coffee at home? In this article we will reveal.

What is ice drip coffee?
As the name suggests, ice drip coffee is to extract the essence of coffee with low temperature and slow dripping.
Ordinary brewing coffee is actually the process of extracting and dissolving the odor molecules in the coffee cells. Usually brewing with hot water can quickly achieve the purpose, while ice drip coffee uses time instead of temperature. Drop ice water below 5 degrees Celsius into the coffee powder to slowly dissolve the flavor of the coffee, and then drop the final extract drop by drop. The complete extraction time of ice drip coffee is about 2-8 hours, which can be adjusted according to the type of coffee beans you like.

Features of ice drip coffee
The taste is sweet: the odor molecules in coffee have a dissolution order, the aromatic molecules will be extracted first, and then the bitter molecules will be slowly released. Coffee brewed with hot water often dissolves too many bitter molecules due to improper temperature and time control, resulting in poor coffee taste. Ice drip coffee is extracted with cold water for a long time, only the molecules with better smell are dissolved, the taste is thicker and smoother, and the original taste of coffee is presented to the best. The coffee extracted in this way is not bitter or astringent, which is also the main reason why it is loved by most people.

Shelf-stable: When any food is heated, it is more perishable due to the destruction of its molecular structure. The shelf life of hot water brewed coffee is very short, and the taste will start to deteriorate after more than 45 minutes. Ice drip coffee is not heated, so the coffee has a relatively long shelf life. The extracted coffee liquid can be stored in the refrigerator for two weeks. The fermentation process will also produce different levels of aroma and mellow changes in the taste of coffee. Generally, the iced coffee that has been extracted will be placed in the refrigerator for 1-3 days before drinking, and the flavor is the best.

Does not hurt the stomach: Many people with bad stomach will stay away from coffee because of the stomach pain caused by too much acid in ordinary coffee. The stimulant molecules in ice drip coffee are much less than those in hot brewed coffee, and the caffeine content is also lower at the same concentration, making it a healthier choice.

Ice drip coffee utensils
Generally, the equipment for extracting ice drip coffee is divided into three parts: the upper pot for ice water, the filter device for coffee powder, and the lower pot for the final extraction of coffee. There is a device like a chemical experiment dropper under the traditional upper pot, which is convenient to control the flow rate of the ice water, so that the ice water can fall on the coffee powder at a certain rate.

There are a variety of ice drip coffee pot combinations of different sizes on the market, and the price depends on the material and refinement. Some people also use the principle to make their own combination and use two filter cups to make a simple ice drip device.

Our SATURNBIRD Coffee uses the method of ice drip coffee for a long time to extract the coffee liquid at low temperature, and then uses the principle of freeze drying to make the ice drip coffee liquid into freeze-dried powder. Therefore, SATURNBIRD Coffee is a real cold brew coffee. The powder is divided into one cup at a time and placed in small cans, which are very convenient to carry, allowing you to enjoy cold brew coffee anytime, anywhere.
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