What gives coffee its flavor

To know the origin of the "specialty coffee" flavor, we first need to know:
Why are there different flavors in specialty coffee?

Because the origin of coffee/the soil, temperature, and rainfall of the coffee tree are different in the ecological environment, the coffee tree has a different growth environment, so the same coffee beans will be different in different places of origin.

First flavor source: sunlight / Air Temperature / Rainfall / Altitude / Soil
The second flavor source: green bean processing
The third flavor source: correct sense

The ideal planting conditions for coffee trees are:
Temperature: Warm climate between 15°C ~ 25°C;
Rainfall: Must reach 1500mm-2000mm;
Soil: The best soil for growing coffee should be well-drained, fertile soil containing pozzolans;
Altitude: 1800mm-2200mm;
It can be seen that the conditions for cultivating high-quality coffee are quite strict: sunlight, rainfall, soil, climate, as well as the way the coffee beans are harvested and the production process will all affect the quality of coffee itself.

All the coffee beans in the world are planted in the tropical area between the Tropic of Cancer, so the area between 25 degrees north and south latitude is the most suitable for growing coffee. This coffee-producing area is generally referred to as the "coffee belt" or "coffee zone".
Coffee growing representative countries
Representative country in Africa: Ethiopia
Native species/Kenya SL28 SL34
Taste characteristics: Floral, fruity, moderate acidity and refreshing taste
Representative country in America: Panama
Geisha/Columbia Castile
Flavor characteristics: Citrus floral fragrance, balanced sweetness, moderate sourness, delicate and exquisite
Representative country in Asia: Yunnan, China
Flavor characteristics: Earthy, chocolate, deep flavors and strong mouthfeel

The second flavor source: green bean processing
Traditional processing: Washed, sun-dried, honey treated
Innovative processing: Special fermentation treatment (anaerobic treatment, enzyme treatment, wine barrel treatment, etc.)

All processing methods ultimately pursue the cleanliness of coffee, high acidity, long-lasting sweetness, clear flavor and rich layers, but not all coffee beans are suitable for all processing methods.

Manor owner will choose the appropriate processing method according to the coffee beans harvested in the year and different varieties of coffee beans, the purpose is to bring out the best state of the coffee beans and achieve the above-mentioned coffee taste.

The third flavor source: correct sense
Step1: Engage all your senses to experience the flavor structure of the food in a synergistic way
Step 2: "Remember" how you feel about it from start to finish
Of course, in addition to the above, the original gene of coffee beans, planting conditions and our own sensory ability, there are many processes that are also very important, such as: the correct roasting of the roaster and the production ability of the barista.

In the process from beans to coffee, every process cannot be ignored. So SATURNBIRD Coffee strictly selects high-quality Arabica coffee beans. After different levels of roasting, the coffee flavor has six levels. Different from traditional instant coffee, it adopts freeze-drying technology to freeze-dry the coffee liquid to restore the coffee flavor.
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