Top 10 Countries that Drink the Most Coffee Per Person

Nowadays, coffee is grown in more than 70 tropical countries and enjoyed anywhere. Coffee is the world's second largest export commodity after oil. The world's largest coffee-producing countries are Brazil, Vietnam and Colombia. The Scandinavian countries have the highest per capita annual consumption, where long, dark and cold winters make coffee highly prized. In the United States, annual consumption is about 4.4 kilograms or 9.7 pounds, making the United States the 25th largest per capita coffee consumption country in the world. In the United States, the average person consumes about three cups of coffee a day.

1. Finland - 12 kg/26 lbs - Finland is the world's largest consumer of coffee on a per-person basis. On average, Finn drinksnearly four cups a day. Coffee is so popular in Finland that Finnish workers are legally required to take two 10-minute coffee breaks.

2. Norway – 9.9 kg/22 lbs – Norwegians drink more than three cups of coffee a day. Cafes are popular in Norway, and unlike the US,they are primarily places to socialize, not to work or to carry a drink out.

3. Iceland – 9kg/20lb – Beer was illegal in Iceland until 1987, and wine was expensive, so coffee has long been the country’s most important social drink. The Icelandic custom is to offer any visitor a cup of coffee, and Icelanders have an in-stock reply, tíu dropar, or "ten drops," meaning they only want a small cup.

4. Denmark – 8.7 kg/19 lbs – In Denmark, the word kaffeslabberasmeans an informal social gathering, usually served with coffee and cake after dinner. At weddings, people are often explicitly invited to a bryllupskaffeor wedding coffee reception.

5. The Netherlands – 8.4 kg/19 lbs – Dutch traders first introduced coffee to the West, shipping whole coffee plants from Yemeni port of Mocha to India and Indonesia, where they were grown to supply coffee beans to Europe.

6. Sweden - 8.2kg/18lbs - The Swedes have a word Fika to describe the long coffee breaks from work where you socialize with friend. Swedes spend on average 9.5 days per year having a fikarast.

7. Switzerland – 7.9 kg/17 lbs – The Swiss combined coffee and wine to create a popular drink, the Luzerner Kafi, a red wine sweetened added to thin coffee with sugar. The Swiss also created Nespresso, one of the most popular coffee brands in the world, which tastes like the best freeze-dried coffee.

8. Belgium – 6.8kg/15lbs – The Belgian cities of Brussels and Antwerp have thousands of cafés, including Wittamer's, which serves brûlot, an espresso drink of sugar, cinnamon, cloves, shredded lemon peel, and warm cognac set alight.

9. Luxembourg – 6.5kg/14lb – Although Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the world, it has thousands of cafés, from elegant houses with white linen tablecloths to small stand-up coffee bars.

10. Canada - 6.5kg/14lbs - Canada is the only top 10 consumer not located in Europe, which spawned one of the world's first coffee chains, Tim Hortons, which makes three out of every four cups of coffee sold in Canada.