The coffee you drink reveals your character

In a cafe, you don't hesitate to order a Flat White or Latte or Americano. This decision not only reflects you’re preference in coffee but also reveals a bit about your personality
American clinical psychologist Dr. Ramani Durvasula surveyed 1,000 regular coffee drinkers.
By assessing common personality and psychological traits such as introversion, extroversion, level of patience, perfectionism, intimacy, vigilance, daring (the level of ease in social interaction), etc., Dr. Durvasula found that choosing different coffees revealed the personality characteristics of different people.

Americano --- Minimalist
People who like to drink Americano are direct and capable, have a sharp personality, can grasp the key points of things, like simple style, do not like to chaos.
Your lifestyle is simple, and you are easily satisfied. You enjoy life's little pleasures, such as having a picnic in the park, listening to birds chirping, drinking light coffee.
You may be relatively conservative and can sometimes feel moody.
You look cold difficult to interact with, but once you get along well, you can become a lifelong friend. 

Espresso --- Natural leadership
You are born with leadership skills, often a central figure in your circle, friendly and adaptable.
You are a little bit paranoid, obsessive about things, and relentless in the pursuit of your goal, but You don’t like to do this without purpose, you are a rational thinker and don’t let your emotions get in the way of things
You have a lot of energy and an assertive personality, but sometimes may seem too overbearing. You tend to get bored alone.
People who like to drink espresso really like the taste of coffee 

Latté --- Comfortable and warm, like to make friends
Your life is more leisurely, not in a hurry, you like to make friends, and you feel comfortable, cozy and happy.
Your personality is more sensitive, it can be a little neurotic, and to some extent affects your ability to balance goals in life, it seems difficult to make decisions by yourself
Yes, you need the opinions of those around you. In this world full of unknowns, you like to play the safety card

Cappuccino --- Well-informed, optimistic, and bright
You like to be in the know, your character is usually optimistic and bright, you like to socialize and communicate, and you are not paranoid nor aggressive.
You are warm-hearted, honest, kind, creative, and hardworking in whatever you do.
You may sometimes be a little forgetful and obtuse, especially things you deem unimportant
Also, you tend to be more possessive and controlling

Mocha --- Playful and creative
You are playful and creative. You have a lot of charisma and are a romantic. You are optimistic and a foodie, you have a keen eye and pay attention to detail.
You have difficulty concentrating and sticking to one thing this may also be true in your relationships
In fact, you don't really like the taste of coffee, you just drink it occasionally. 

Iced Coffee --- Candid
You are a dogmatic person who likes iced coffee. You are direct and frank. You say what is on your mind and, you will never let the seasons dictate how you live your life.
Also, you prefer to use a straw than to drink your coffee from a cup.

Macchiato --- Nostalgic Tradition
You are a more traditional and conservative person, you will be a little resistant to new things, usually quieter and less sociable.
And generally don't like having foam sticking to the lips like a beard