How to make instant iced coffee

I’ts hot outside, and a refreshing iced coffee is undoubtedly one of the best rejuvenating drinks during the summer. But which one should we choose? There are many kinds of iced coffee, such as iced pour over coffee, iced slow drip coffee, cold brewed coffee, and iced Americano. What’s the difference? Let's take a dive and find out.

Iced Pour Over Coffee
The usual iced pour over coffee is also called Japanese-style iced pour over coffee, which can be simply understood as a normal brewed hot coffee diluted with ice to cool down. To avoid diluting the taste of coffee with ice cubes, iced pour over coffee will reduce the powder-to-water ratio when brewing, obtaining a cup of coffee with a higher concentration. Then when the ice cubes are added to cooldown the coffee the taste will not be diluted as much.

Iced Slow Drip Coffee
The extraction is carried out with iced water after a long period of time. When using the slow drip method, small molecular substances (such as the floral aroma and acidic flavor) are more easily extracted, and macromolecular substances (such as the bitterness of tannins) are more difficult to extract. After the process is completed, it will be fermented at low temperature for 12 hours, bring out the fermentation in the flavor and the sweetness of the coffee beans themselves. The taste will become more refreshing and delicious.

Cold Brew Coffee
Cold brew coffee is very simple and convenient. Simply put the coffee powder into water and soak it for a long period of time at a low temperature. After 12-24 hours in the refrigerator, use filter paper to filter out the coffee grounds to get clean coffee liquid.
Store the coffee in an airtight bottle and refrigerate for about 4 hours before drinking. The liquid shown by cold brew coffee is not as clear as iced coffee, and a thin layer of oil will float on the surface, the flavor compared to iced slow drip coffee will be slightly thicker but more balanced than iced coffee.

Iced Americano
Some high-quality coffee shops will use warm sun blended coffee beans, 60% of Honduras whiskey sherry barrel aged coffee beans mixed with 40% city sun-dried red cherry Yirgacheffe coffee beans. The whiskey sherry barrel aged beans are responsible for providing dark chocolate and whisky aromas, while the sun-dried Yirgacheffe is responsible for the overall acidity and adding more complexity to the coffee.
The ratio of espresso to ice water is 1:6. The iced Americano coffee tastes more refreshing, and the overall taste is more inclined to black cocoa. With a refreshing acidity, it balances the richness.
Saturnbird Coffee, uses the principle of ice extraction to make coffee beans into freeze-dried coffee powder. Allowing the powder to quickly dissolves in liquids of any temperature and in ice cubes.
When you have Saturnbird’s freeze-dried coffee, you don't need 12-24 hours, you only need a cup, a glass of water or ice water, and it only takes 3 seconds to get a cup of iced coffee. You can brew a cup of iced coffee anytime, anywhere.

SATURNBIRD freeze-dried coffee is an instant coffee that can be used to make iced coffee at will.
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