Common Types of Coffee and Their Differences

What types of coffee do we often drink? What are the differences between them?
They are all espresso-based coffees, why are the tastes so different?

1. Espresso
Espresso is an Italian word that refers to a strong coffee that is quickly extracted with a coffee machine in a short period of time. It is almost the basis of all fancy coffees and a must for cafes all over the world. Espresso is a small cup of coffee, usually only about 30 ml, with a bitter taste and a thick layer of coffee oil floating on the surface. In Italian bars, you are usually given a glass of water. The pressurized vapor is passed directly through the coffee grounds, and the resulting liquid is called Espresso. In Italian, Espresso means " freshly brewed for you", and its process is to extract quickly in a short time.

It belongs to pure coffee and is also the base of other coffees such as Mocha, Latte, Cappuccino, etc.

2. Americano
"Americano" usually refers to black coffee made with a drip coffee maker, or a coffee drink made with Espresso mixed with water. At present, Americano in most cafes refers to the latter, while the former tends to be distinguished by "drip coffee".
The ratio of water to coffee in traditional Americano is 2:1. Americano is light in taste and color, slightly sour and slightly bitter.

3. Latte
Latte is a classic blend of Espresso and milk. A small amount of Espresso is poured into the bottom of the cup, then a large amount of milk is added, and a dense layer of creamy foam at the top. Skilled baristas will create the latte art in various patterns on the milk foam. There is a kind of "Coffee Au Lait" in France, which is almost a national drink. It is very similar to a Latte, but milk and coffee are poured into a cup at the same time. A good Latte is full of coffee and milk flavors.

4. Flat White
Flat white is Double Espresso with double milk. The aroma is rich and the taste is velvety and silky. You can feel the perfect fusion of milk foam and coffee and milk underneath in every sip. The difference between it and latte is not only the ratio of milk and coffee, but also the difference in milk foam. The espresso content of Flat White is relatively high, which not only makes the coffee taste richer, but also fully feels the smoothness of milk.

5. Cappuccino
As we all know, the characteristic of this coffee – lots of foam. The ingredients of Cappuccino and Latte are the same, they are Espresso + milk + milk foam, the only difference is that Cappuccino has more milk foam than milk, and Latte has more milk than milk foam. A cup of Cappuccino is usually smaller than a Latte of the same price, but has a stronger coffee flavor. The combination of dense milk foam and bitter coffee is also loved by a large number of customers, especially girls.

6. Cafe Mocha
The formula of Mocha is relatively complicated. On the basis of Espresso and milk, there is also chocolate sauce, and the top is not milk foam, but whipped cream. It is also often squeezed with chocolate sauce, or sprinkled with cocoa powder and cinnamon powder, which has a unique flavor. Because of the "rich ingredients", it is usually a relatively large cup. Both chocolate and cream are sweet, so Cafe Mocha is a good example of a combination of bitter and sweet.

7. Macchiato
Macchiato is simply made by scooping a few scoops of milk foam into a glass of Espresso. The coffee taste is still strong, and you can enjoy the fine and dense milk foam. We often hear "Caramel Macchiato", which is made by adding vanilla syrup to milk, mixing it with Espresso coffee, and then covering the milk foam with a layer of caramel, which is very rich in flavor.

8. Espresso con Panna
Espresso con Panna means "espresso with cream" in Italian. As the name suggests, Espresso con Panna is an Espresso topped with heavy cream and is available in single or double servings. The combination of Espresso and whipped cream, in short, is "espresso with cream", which makes your Espresso taste thicker and richer after adding cream.

If you own SATURNBIRD Coffee, you can make any of the above coffee drinks as you wish.