Can you make iced coffee with instant coffee?

For many people, coffee is something that’s irreplaceable in their lives. There are many combinations and flavors that can be created with coffee, but for many, iced Americano is still the go to staple. Iced Americano is a favored drink mainly because it’s easy to make, there’s no sugar and little calories, and most importantly can provide a quick boost of caffeine. Saturnbird Coffee has redefined “instant” in instant coffee as now even with iced coffee the powder can dissolve in seconds. This has to do with the how the instant coffee is made and the technology invested.

There is a common misconception that instant coffee loses its aroma during the process of creation, however in reality the production process is more sophisticated than one might imagine.

Firstly, whether it is traditional instant coffee or Saturnbird Coffee the early-stage process is the same, it is necessary to screen green beans, remove impurities, and then roast them.

In traditional instant coffee, the beans are blended, ground, extracted, and brewed. Finally, the instant coffee still needs to be dried before it can be turned into instant coffee powder.

Drying is the method by which instant coffee powder is shaped, and it is also a process that has a greater impact on coffee quality during processing.

The traditional method is to use a spray drying method (Spray Dryer SD). The coffee liquid is sprayed into the drying chamber to quickly evaporate the water to form a dry powder. However, since the drying effect is achieved by high-temperature heating in the processing process, the aroma of the coffee have been volatilized to a certain extent during the production process, so the aroma of instant coffee produced by this method loses a certain amount of flavor. At the same time, the coffee powder produced by spray drying is not refined. Thus, the large particles we get as the result cannot easily dissolve. Creating a situation where when we use water less than boiling temperature the coffee grounds will float on the surface.

The traditional instant coffee is to first dissolve the instant coffee with boiling hot water and then add ice water to make iced coffee.

With Saturnbird Coffee, making iced coffee is as easy as 123 The new drying process, Freeze Dryer FD, used by Saturnbird Coffee can better preserve the original aroma and flavors of the coffee, allowing coffee drinkers to have a better experience.

Using the freeze-drying method requires the ground coffee powder to be cold brewed at a low temperature for a long period of time, this is to retain the original flavor and aroma of the coffee as much as possible.

The concentrate is sent to the freezer, which reaches a temperature of -40 degrees Celsius. After the espresso extract freezes at low temperatures to form ice cubes, it is then broken into granules. At this time, the coffee that has been frozen into ice cubes and still contains a certain amount of water.

The coffee ice cubes are then sent into a vacuum environment and heated to achieve complete dehydration through the sublimation. In this way, the coffee ice cubes processed above have become freeze-dried coffee powder. Finally, after packaging and quality checks are ensured, the coffee is ready to be on their way.

Saturnbird Coffee uses the freeze-drying method to retain the original aroma of coffee during the low-temperature production process, thus making it a popular choice.

Instant coffee seems convenient to us but the production process is really not as simple as it seems. Saturnbird coffee emphasizes both convenience and quality. We strictly control the picking of coffee beans, making sure the defect rate of coffee beans do not exceed 1%. Using our super extraction technology, and low temperature cold extraction process, we restore the unique aroma and flavor of the coffee.

If you have SATURNBIRD instant coffee, you can make iced coffee, iced latte anytime, anywhere.

Can you make iced coffee with instant coffee?
Can you make iced coffee with instant coffee?
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