5 coffee cold facts you must know

"One way air release port" is not a scent hole
Have you ever had the experience that when you buy coffee beans in a store or supermarket, you can't help but squeeze the packaging and then smell the smell of the coffee beans against the exhaust port on the coffee bean package? Squeeze and say, "Wow, this coffee is delicious." This is a wrong demonstration! It will affect the flavor of the coffee beans!
The one-way exhaust valve allows the gas in the bag to be released only and not added back in. The carbon dioxide emitted by the roasted coffee beans will squeeze out the original air and slow down the oxidation of the coffee beans. Therefore, in the future, do not use the one-way exhaust valve as a scent hole to squeeze the coffee beans inside.

"Latte" is not coffee
In fact, latte means "milk" in Italian. If you order a "latte", the waiter will give you a glass of milk.
And “caffe latte” refers to milk coffee. Now many beverage stores will launch their own unique "latte" series, such as "black tea latte", "matcha latte", etc., which are actually milk with tea without coffee. 

Don't put coffee beans in the refrigerator?
Coffee beans are stored in a cool, dry place. Many people keep their coffee cool in the refrigerator, but do not consider that the humidity in the refrigerator will destroy the flavor of the coffee.
So how do you store purchased coffee beans and those that have not been used up yet?
Firstly, coffee is very afraid of moisture, oxygen, light and heat. After being stored in the refrigerator, it will cause condensation water due to the large temperature difference, and it will easily absorb the odor of the refrigerator and destroy the flavor of the coffee. Therefore, we recommend that after opening, seal the unfinished coffee beans directly in a coffee bag or an airtight can, put it in a cool and dry place at home, and drink it as soon as possible within a month!

How long can coffee beans last?
Generally speaking, food products will look at the shelf life and taste period. Coffee beans belong to the food category. Some large coffee factories use the method of central roasting to mass-produce coffee beans, and the shelf life is usually between 12-18 months.
However, shelf life and freshness are two different things. Coffee beans have a short tasting period. The fresher the coffee beans, the better the coffee. After the coffee beans are unpacked, it is recommended to drink them within one month. And the best way to taste it is to "drink as much as you want", because once the coffee beans are ground into powder, their flavor and texture will quickly decay. Therefore, the best way to preserve it is: "Drink it in your stomach quickly!"

Different varieties of beans have different caffeine content
Although the caffeine tolerance is related to individual tolerance, the caffeine content has a great relationship with the variety of coffee beans.
Generally speaking, Robusta beans have more yield, strong disease resistance, higher caffeine content, and their cost price is lower than that of Arabica beans. Therefore, most canned coffees on the market will use Robusta beans or mixed Robusta beans.
Arabica beans are more difficult to plant, usually grown at higher altitudes, lower climate temperatures, lower yields, higher lipids, and sugar content that is nearly twice that of Robusta, so the acidity is also greater. Fragrance is also more complex. But those who are concerned about caffeine overdose should pay attention when choosing coffee beans. Robusta beans, although cheaper, have three times the caffeine content of Arabica beans!

The reason why SATURNBIRD Coffee chooses Arabica coffee beans is because SATURNBIRD Coffee has very high requirements for quality, whether it is from the selection of coffee beans to roasting to freeze-drying, every process is strictly controlled to deliver the best quality coffee to every one of our SATURNBIRD customers!
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